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Lenwell International is a professional repair service provider located in Houston, Texas. Having repaired over 35,000 devices, our top-tier technicians specialize in mobile device care. We are currently seeking business partners who require professional customer service solutions in the United States. Our services can enhance your customer relationships, boost satisfaction rates, and relieve your staff from handling support tickets. If you’re interested in partnering with us, please contact us.

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smartphone repair service

Service for repair most Smartphone

Lenwell is a professional screen repair shop, our technicians have extended expertise in Apple and Samsung devices. Years ago, we discovered there was a surplus of broken cell-phone glasses, and options were limited back then, you can either send it overseas for refurbishment, or dump it in the trash. As a result, many devices were trashed regardless the severity of the damage. In order to help reducing this waste, Lenwell have developed skills and upgrade equipments to fix all sort of screen damage. Today, Lenwell have the capability to fix all iPhone, iPad, iWatch and Samsung mobile device models. From Front glass, Digitizer (Screen touch pad), LCD screen to the back glass, we have refurbished parts ready in stock to expedite the repair process.

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Crypto Miner Repair


Offers expert crypto mining repair services for mining equipment. Mining rigs can be relatively complex to use and take care of. With service centers in the United States and China, we can repair several popular miners brands

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Circuit Board Repair

Circuit Board Repair PCB Repair With LENWELL

provides highly skilled services for the maintenance and life-extension of your high-value electronic circuits. Accurate fault finding using advanced techniques and state-of-the-art systems is supported with proven processes and knowledge of the market. This approach ensures most electronic circuits can be supported:

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Recycle Phone Screen


Broken glass LCD screens have become a major concern worldwide. Phone screens are among the most vulnerable parts of phones, prone to easy breakage. Once broken, a mobile phone user is left with no other option than to replace the screen or purchase a new phone.

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Over the years, we have provided support to a wide range of clients. Lenwell becomes a trusted advisor who may have relationships around the world.

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